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Apr 24, 2016

Concur to Oracle EBS integration for expense Invoices

Concur to Oracle EBS integration for expense Invoices

Apr 15, 2016

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (EID) is an enterprise data discovery platform for rapid, intuitive exploration and analysis of data from any combination of structured and unstructured sources.
Oracle Endeca Information Discovery solutions unite the worlds of structured and unstructured data to provide business users with complete visibility into their business processes, creating new insights and enabling better business decisions.

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery helps
  •  Solve problems associated with analyzing unstructured data,
  •  In finding better ways to listen to customers,
  • Improving the relationship between companies and their employees,
  • Getting to the real root causes behind issues, or
  •  Creating new products and services through a better understanding of the market.

Key Capabilities of EID

Intelligent Search Use intuitive, yet advanced, search for rapid identification of relevant business concepts and instant results across all your data. Search helps users find what they need, even if they don't know how to ask for it.

Interactive Visualizations Visualize data in context to quickly investigate root causes, identify exceptions, and surface new concepts.

Contextual Navigation Originally built for and proven on leading consumer web sites, interactive faceted navigation helps users quickly make sense of unfamiliar data sets.

Universal Data Support Endeca’s unique hybrid search/analytical database and comprehensive library of connectors for structured and unstructured sources support integration of any data, regardless of schema or type.

Text Enrichment and Sentiment Analysis Extract concepts, entities, and meaning from unstructured text fields in databases or other content systems for entirely new types of analysis.

Drag-and-Drop Application Composition Creating compelling user interfaces has never been easier with an interactive, drag-and-drop authoring environment for quickly assembling enterprise-class discovery applications.

Dynamic Metadata Layer An optional, adaptive semantic layer that allows incorporation of business definitions from existing BI tools without getting in the way.

In-Memory Architecture Highly scalable, columnoriented, multi-core parallelized, and natively in-memory Endeca is built to optimally leverage engineered systems like Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine to deliver speedof-thought performance.

Apr 9, 2016

Oracle Human Resources Extensions for Oracle Endeca

Oracle Human Resources Extensions for Oracle Endeca

Oracle Human Resources Extensions for Oracle Endeca enables you to identify, measure, prioritize and resolve your day to day  HR related business processes or help in formulating strategic decisions. In addition, you benefit from an improvement in the productivity of HR administrators and line managers, reduce repetitive search actions and result in a seamless completion of business flows.

You can use the Workforce Explorer page to search employees by leveraging quick search and guided navigation capabilities. HR users can analyze and interpret person data with the aid of key metrics, maps, tags, flexible charts and graphs. It also provides the ability to navigate to employee personnel actions for performing HR transactions.

Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Endeca is a solution that allows users to

1.Find actionable information in real time.
2.Improve their productivity.
3.Quickly find the information they need to respond to real-time HR issues and opportunities.
With endeca users can combine searches with contextual navigation enabling them to freely browse

and filter information without predefined navigation paths or structured queries.

People Distribution and Work Experience Distribution
1.Search people effectively and accurately.

2.Use filters to narrow search results.

3.Compare people and analyze.

4.Faceted Search, Guided Navigation, 
    Geo spatial and Tag Search.

5.Export or print search results.

6.Seamless navigation to people’s Talent Profile  and Self-Service functions 

People Page

1.See more and act faster.

2.Tight integration with HR Security.

3.Administrator can quickly identify and locate
   competent people who fit their requirement
   or  situational need.

Map Page (Work Location) -  enables you to identify the 
required people using location 
or geographical areas on a map. 
4.Timely identification of competent resources
    helps in quick turnaround of the business