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Apr 18, 2017

Query to extract data from ASO Quote Header and lines table

Query to extract data from ASO Quote Header and lines table for items belongs to specific Category set.

SELECT ool.line_id, 
        FROM apps.mtl_category_sets_tl cs  ,
             apps.mtl_category_sets_b csb,
             apps.mtl_item_categories mic,
             apps.aso_quote_lines_all ool,
             apps.aso_quote_headers_all ooh,
             mtl_system_items_b mib,
             aso_quote_statuses_b qs
      WHERE cs.category_set_id = csb.category_set_id
       AND cs.category_set_id = mic.category_set_id
       AND category_set_name = 'XXXBIZ'
       AND mic.inventory_item_id = ool.inventory_item_id
       AND mic.organization_id = ool.organization_id
       and ool.quote_header_id = ooh.quote_header_id
       and ooh.quote_status_id = qs.quote_status_id
       AND mic.inventory_item_id = mib.inventory_item_id
       AND mic.organization_id = mib.organization_id

Mar 26, 2017

EBS Support Implications for Discoverer 11gR1 in June 2017

EBS Support Implications for Discoverer 11gR1 in June 2017

As per latest update in Oracle Note 1634827.1 ,   While the Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer will receive on-going support investment based on the Oracle Business Intelligence R1 ( code base, Oracle’s resources will focus on Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite for the Fusion Middleware 12c timeframe and Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer will no longer be updated in line with this portfolio update. Though EBS customers will still be able to download existing Discoverer patches, but  Oracle will not produce new patches or documentation for Discoverer, EBS content for Discoverer, or Discoverer certifications with EBS 12.1 or 12.2 after June 30, 2017.  

This Note (1634827.1 )recommends that Discoverer users migrate to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Oracle Business Intelligence for Applications (OBIA), or Oracle Endeca Information Discovery.

At Bizinsight consulting we have expertise in Setup Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (EID) for EBS in 4-6 weeks , if you are planning to move your discoverer reporting to Data discovery tool like Oracle Endeca Information Discovery ,feel free to contact us at

Feb 21, 2017

Oracle CPQ(BigMachines) and EBS Integration

Finding a CPQ solution that suits your company’s needs can be a challenge, as can be finding an ERP solution. Finding a suitable CPQ and ERP solution that work together seamlessly poses an even bigger challenge. Individually, Oracle CPQ Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) are leaders in their respective fields. Together, they are a seamless end-to-end solution that enables you to push and pull data between them with ease. This includes:

  • Quotes totals
  • Product line items
  • Opportunity value
  • Quote number
  • Contact data
  • Installed base assets
  • Subscription and renewal informa on
  • Contract data 

The integration of Oracle CPQ Cloud and Oracle EBS enables companies to utilize one set of master product data between applications and automatically transfer data between systems, including: header-level quote totals and meta data, product line items, opportunity values, contact data, and more. It provides one solution for the entire inquiry-to-order process, reducing duplicate data, generating more accurate sales reporting, and allowing customers to easily submit orders online, convert quotes to orders, and approve orders via customized workflow. 

The integration of Oracle CPQ Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite provides the following benefits.

  • Streamlines the order process by eliminating manual order entry
  • Ensures order accuracy
  • Provides order status visibility
  • Allows for single point of reference for the CRM
  • Supports master data management
  • Accommodates customer middleware preference