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Aug 26, 2016

Oracle Data Visualization(ODV) Components for Dashboard

Oracle Data Visualization(ODV) Components for Dashboard 

In this Simple demo , we are using ODV to analyzed Customer Complaint data  for Year of  2011-2016.Idea is to explore following  Rich visualization components available in ODV
  1. Tag Clouds
  2. Tile/Summary bars
  3. Filters
  4. Hyperlinks
  5. Images
  6. Charts
    1. Bar Charts
    2. Horizontal/Vertical
    3. Horizontal/Vertical Stacked
    4. Line Charts
    5. Area Chart
    6. Pie Charts
    7. Donut Chart
    8. Scatter Chart
    9. Sunburst Chart
    10. Radar Bar Chart
  7. Geographical Map
    1. Heat Map
  8. Treemap
  9. Table
  10. Pivot Table

Aug 22, 2016

Oracle Data Visualization Dashboard for EBS Order to Ship flow

Making sense of your data shouldn't be tough. Oracle Data Visualization Desktop gives decision-makers their own personal desktop application to access, explore, blend, and share data visualizations.

Oracle Data Visualization is stunningly visual. You can create visual stories on data from a variety of sources including spreadsheets, databases and applications.

Combine and blend your data using the intelligent visualizations to quickly see patterns. Selecting data in one visualization highlights related data in everything else on the screen. You can capture insights and comments to create an interactive story that you can share with colleagues.

In this very Simple demo we have visualized Order to Ship data from Oracle EBS12i using Oracle Data Visualization Tool.

Aug 16, 2016

Oracle Endeca Warehouse Management Information Discovery

Oracle Warehouse Management Information Discovery delivers unprecedented visibility and control to warehouse managers and senior logistics professionals. Whether sitting at a desk or traveling through an airport, access to the warehouse is only a touch away

You can use Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS) Information Discovery to search and filter 

  1. Outbound
  2. Inventory and 
  3. labor (productivity) information from the warehouse. 

Using the Warehouse Management Information Discovery pages, you can review and analyze data using 

  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), 
  2. Performance evaluation metrics, 
  3. Charts, 
  4. Graphs, and 
  5. Tables.